Custom Web Design Boca Raton: What is CMS?

Custom Web Design Boca Raton: What is CMS?

Creating a website is one of the technological trends in business or even in personal promotions today. Most people are looking for ways on how to create their personal and business websites to reach a wider audience and explore more possibilities in earning as well. With this rise the empire of web development companies that provides custom web design Boca Raton for clients to gain their much-coveted online presence. This custom web design Boca Raton and web development services usually use content management system as the base of website creation.

What is Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) is a structured web application for managing website content. The application allows people without a technical background to create, edit and manage a website effortlessly. Aside from these, content management system also helps in making content searchable to the web through indexing and to generate a network of pages and navigations that works well.

Basically, a CMS includes two elements: (1) the content management application (CMA); and (2) the content delivery application (CDA).

The CMA is the element that allows the website manager, who may not have a great background with coding like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), create, modify and delete content in the website. The CMA is an easy application even for beginners as it can be done even without experts help. On the other hand, the CDA is the element that uses and compiles information to update website.

There are different CMS applications nowadays, and their features vary. But the most basic features include:

  • Web-based publishing: This feature allows people to use template so as other tools like wizards in creating and modifying web content.
  • Format management: This feature formats all documents (electronic or scanned) to HTML and Portable Document Format (PDF) to facilitate easy access and use for websites.
  • Revision control: This feature allows upgrading and downgrading of content. The feature may update content to newer version or restore it to the previous version. It can also track changes made by authors to files in the website. Revision control also includes indexing and search and retrieval features.
  • One-to-one marketing: CMS has tools that enable one-to-one marketing, which allows website to tailor its content and also advertisements to the search behavior of a certain person. Profiling of search behavior is based on the collected data from the sites that a specific user visits regularly.

CMS can be used for free or with payment. While free CMS platform gives you the basic system in creating website, a paid platform broadens the features that can lead to more beneficial results.

If you are thinking of using more diverse graphics, audios, videos, slideshows and other presentation more than text and photo to make websites more interactive, you may need an expert help to do it for you. Custom web design Boca Raton has some experts you can go to for maintenance and development of your site. Some custom web design Boca Raton also offers other services like web hosting, search engine optimization marketing and e-commerce.

Think about investing in CMS now and strong and striking gain online presence.