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Everyone wants to have a great web design Miami with all the unique features of an interactive website design without ultimately compromising the search engine optimization or SEO. Many website analysts considers SEO as fundamental in the success of any website business, but the overall success of a website does not depend solely on the SEO, but a number of different factors such as the web design itself. The goal is to be able to come up with the best web design Miami without the need to compromise the importance of SEO. Propelfolio has been redefining web design Miami for an established length of years. Here’s how Propelfolio brings you the most promising website design with the optimal level of SEO.

Propelfolio Boosts SEO in Redesign

Most virtual businesses fail to realize the importance of considering SEO on a redesign. After a website overhaul, many things can go entirely wrong, especially in terms of traffic rankings. Redesigning a web design Miami is a crucial, and it can make-or-break your business and Propelfolio’s dedicated team of experts will take the necessary steps to save your traffic and your reputation from impending downfall. Web design Miami experts at Propelfolio give out these simple steps on how you and their team can initiate the website shift.

Tip no. 1: Put Emphasis on the SEO

Website owners need to focus on their SEO and how it can be affected should they decide to change their website. The most common mistake website owners do is to take away important SEO content and changing every content URL without proper redirection. Experts at web design Miami intervene by making clients understand how top search engine such as Google takes the credibility of web content.

Tip No. 2: Study Your New Site

What is there to look into? The overall structure such as Meta data, URL, content structure, which holds the overall framework of your existing website need to be evaluated and analyzed. Analysis of what is changing will give you the right clues to its eventual success. How can I achieve this? Web design Miami experts assist you in making use of a useful tool such as Screaming Frog that will help you grab the SEO data from your existing website. The data, that has been extracted, will now be used to fashion the structure of your new site.

Tip No. 3: Do Some Old Site Cleaning

Old site cleaning means auditing your old website. Web design Miami experts of Propelfolio recommends using valuable software for easy and convenient audit, but owners can also choose to do the auditing on their own. Auditing will give you the information on the aspect of your site that search engine dislikes. It is important to look into the pixels of page titles and their appropriateness, duplicate and extra page titles, duplicate, missing or multiple header tags, inappropriate meta descriptions, image alt issues and all other structure issues that you can ever think of.

Seek the Right Web Design Miami Partner

Propelfolio has been the leading provider for web design, e-commerce, and SEO for the past few years. It is considered the best provider of e-commerce, web design, and SEO business solutions. Their mission is to help websites grow and expand to unbelievable proportion. In Propelfolio, they understand your website’s needs, and they look into its future. Get the best out of your web design Miami and visit Propelfolio today or call them at 305-918-2690.

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