Responsive Custom Web Design Boca Raton; Your Best Option

You cannot overstate the importance of a mobile-friendly website especially in this era suitably christened ‘instant information’ age, where tablet and Smartphone adoption has exceedingly increased over the last few years. So you had better have a mobile-friendly website if SEO is the core component of your digital marketing strategy. To make the transition to a mobile-friendly site (with a responsive web design specifically), seek website design Boca Raton services by Propelfolio today.

Choosing a separate mobile website or a responsive website is however a highly debated topic, with people wondering which is the best option for their online businesses. Well, this depends with many factors. Firstly, both options have advantages and fair shares of disadvantages. So to know, which is rightly designed for your business will aptly depend on whether SEO, the intended target audience or the purpose of the website is the main factor. If SEO is the factor, read on.

Responsive Custom Web Design Boca Raton Best for Mobile SEO Strategy

There are numerous reasons why you should consider responsive custom web design for your mobile SEO digital marketing campaigns. For starters, Google highly recommends it as the “industry’s best practice”. And certainly it is. It simply makes Google easily and effectively organize, index and crawl at content regardless of the device. Thanks to responsive design websites having the same HTML and one URL – which makes it easier for users to link, interact, and share content.

Content that lives on one URL and on one website is what makes it easier for users to share it, as opposed to content that lives on a separate mobile site. According to Google, nothing could be better than a responsive custom web design Boca Raton. Google is an authority, so when it speaks online marketers listen. Additionally, responsive website design provides an excellent user-experience across many screens and device sizes. This is the most interesting aspect of it.

Compared to a separate mobile site that is solely designed for a specific screen size and device, a responsive website provides a more consistent and better user-experience as it can anticipate all the screen sizes and devices that users will use to access your site. This is such an important characteristic as it is impossible to anticipate what device and screen a user will use to access your mobile site. Sites that are dedicated mobile sites provide very positive user experience.

Another reason why responsive website design Boca Raton is the best for mobile SEO strategy and has a key advantage over a separate mobile site is that, it is easier to manage. Instead of managing two SEO campaigns and two sites separately, a responsive website manages one SEO campaign and one website together. In a nutshell, it makes managing your SEO strategy easier.