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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Case StudyThe goal of search engine optimization is to allow users and search engines to find your website. SEO allows the search engines to determine what the page is about and how it can be of use to the users.

SEO is one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood terms in online marketing. But if done right, it provides better ROI than TV or print ads. It is a practice that provides visibility, credibility, traffic, and branding to a business.

When people want information, they go to their preferred search engine and type their search phrase. If search engine optimization is done properly, the search engines will bring up your website whenever the targeted keywords are searched by the users. This in turn brings more highly targeted traffic to the website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The Process

The first step of SEO is the Discovery and Research Phase. Propelfolio will familiarize itself with our client’s brand and the industry in which they belong. At this vital step, the SEO specialist will talk with the client about their company, goals, and the competition they face. The information will help create the right SEO strategy.

A West Palm Beach search engine optimization specialist will dig deeper to know more about the industry and the competition. Tools used in this step are Google Insights, Google Keyword Tool, SERP Ranking and SEO MOZ. The research will ensure that we know about the level of competition. It will also allow Propelfolio to come up with a unique SEO strategy for our client. This strategy can be implemented also on an eCommerce website.

Once a plan is set, the search engine optimization campaign will be implemented. During the first four to six months of the campaign, the brand is established online. During this time, data is also collected, and the campaign is further refined. A professionally designed website is always at the center of the SEO campaign.

SEO Plans PricesAfter the first six months comes the maintenance and adjustment phase. Even if the website has been optimized for search engines, the job has just begun. Competition will always try to challenge one’s place in the ranking and will try to improve their SEO campaigns. It is important to track one’s progress and improve along the way.

In maintaining a search engine optimization campaign, it is important to monitor the results and adjusts the meta tags, links, content, URLs, and images. It is also vital to ensure that the website get a steady stream of inbound links. Regular reports are sent out that show the ranking for several keywords and the changes in the rankings.

SEO reporting is an important step in search engine optimization. It allows a business to plan the next move and to ensure that the campaign is working for the business. Propelfolio ensures that their clients get regular reports and keep them posted with the progress.

Propelfolio is a leader in search engine optimization. We ensure that the SEO campaign is successful from the start to finish. Contact us to learn how SEO can help your business today.

Search Engine Optimization

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