Importance of Social Media in SEO and Google Rankings

social mediaRecent changes in Google’s algorithm have made it essential for businesses to embrace social media. The Penguin update has been made to remove spam from the search engine results page. It is important to understand that the changes to the algorithm have impacted several online marketing elements, and that’s why social media becomes more important today than ever. Social media sharing has become one of the factors that search engines consider to determine how to use social behavior and interaction in their results.

Search engines don’t count links the same, and this is why they don’t view social accounts the same way. Search engines can spot a fake account easily. These accounts have a handful of friends that are considered quality. Only a few share the material they post on social media. Social media accounts with good reputations provide better leverage than those with bad quality. That’s why it is important for businesses to participate on social media platforms in an authentic manner.

Social Media, it’s more than Facebook, Twitter, and Google +

Just like links, quality shares on social media networks are helpful in Google ranking. Positive things happen whenever people see the website or the brand of the business. If the business doesn’t have a Twitter account, a Google+ Page, or a Facebook fan page then they are missing out on a lot. The business has not utilized a network that can help spread the content, brand, and website that’s available for free.

Some businesses don’t know that Google indexes social media pages. The search engine notices the keywords used in posts in social media. Google also pays attention to the URLs and page descriptions to determine the ranking. Businesses must always use the correct company name, address, phone number, and URL of the company website on all social media accounts. The business must also be categorized correctly, whether it is on Yelp, Foursquare, or Facebook.

Propelfolio will set up your social media campaign.

Social media servicesMore shares on social media can mean higher rankings. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between the amount of social media activity and rankings on search engines.

We help businesses establish their presence on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, and more. Our full SEO services also include the creation and propagation of blogs. Quality content will not reach out to people and become viral on its own. We strive to spread the content in order to reach out to the target audience.

We integrate social media activities into your business’ online marketing campaign to drive more traffic into the website. We engage with your target audience and that will lead to valuable conversations and viral sharing. Having a quality presence on social media provides a human factor to the brand and makes it more appealing to potential and existing customers.

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