West Palm Beach Custom Web Design Trends For 2015

In an ever-crowded virtual information cloud, a well-constructed website positions a brand with utmost authority. An authoritative brand then jockeys for the clicks, monies and the public’s attention. For any one brand identity, there are a plethora of other brands doing the same: jockeying to stand out and appeal the masses. When custom web design is properly done, the website provides a clear call to action, earns trusts, and effectively delivers the brand message.

To help a brand stand out from its competitors, Propelfolio’s custom web design West Palm Beach often incorporates dominant design trends. But not all trends can be adopted. Some “trends” are all flash: mullets of web design and the usual hyper-color tees. Others prove to be quite adaptable, hence easily incorporated into a lasting digital relationship. You simply begin to get an eye for trends that have real staying power for 2015, when you are focused on delivering chic brands.

Looking at some of the web design trends of 2014, it is easier to make some predictions about which web design trends have the real power of staying in 2015, and which ones will impact the WordPress Community, or have already done. From existing plugins to WordPress themes, these new trends will provide new opportunities come 2015 that will see custom web design West Palm Beach reach insurmountable heights. Here are some of the website trends for 2015.

Responsive Design – If you are looking for the new solidified standard of web design in general and WordPress themes in particular, look no further than responsive design. There is a very good reason why responsive design has been a force to reckon with over the last few years. It is solid and, well, very responsive. For custom web design West Palm Beach, responsive design is not just a trend, but a norm that will definitely be around in 2015. More sites even opt for it.

Ghost Buttons – If you are a web designer, you must be familiar with the prominent ghost buttons design feature. These sterling buttons are a delight to use thanks to their subtle hover animation and stylish looks which are minimalistic. Ghost buttons are largely used for custom web design West Palm Beach. They outstandingly pair well with videos and large background images. Ghost Buttons are arguably among the few website trends that will continue into 2015.

Large, Beautiful Background Images and Videos – In order to achieve sterling, custom web design West Palm Beach, large, beautiful background image and videos are necessary. That is mainly because they are a staple for web designs. Large images and videos are now being prominently displayed on sites, making the trend one of the simplest ways to make the site standout. This trend is such a big hit because it makes larger web designs styles feel more elegant and powerful, as opposed to feeling gimmicky. This trend will also definitely be around in 2015.